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But, don't get me wrong:

It's so much more than your old e-mailer.

It's a complete, state of the art net marketing package with an outstanding education seamlessly blended in.

Intuitive and easy to follow user interface
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Creating campaigns is a breeze!
Survey tool included in the price!
Web-form builder with many highly editable forms
State of the art autoresponder
Superb analytics and split-testing tools
                         Mobile responsive design 
Mobile responsive design, see it while creating!

Don't get me wrong here either.

You won't feel like going back to school! Everything you need to know is presented as you go in a simple and easy to follow way. It'll help you keep on and become more marketing savvy while learning from masters.

Frankly, I haven't seen a product overdeliver so much in quite some time.
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You see, I am a 48 year old woman who is anything but an IT geek. I used to be a teacher and my geekiest moments were learning the basics of a translation software. 

What I noticed back then and what frustrates me to this day is that IT world has been missing teachers badly. 

Too many solutions (we all need) have too convoluted and too tech tutorials. Too often.

First you plough your way through plethora of tech jargon and unnecessary complicated explanations. Then you realize that the whole thing is a piece of cake. Yes, but not unless someone is around to present it step by step in plain and simple English! 

But there was no one, and we all got overwhelmed more than once. Which resulted in giving up some ideas before getting a chance to test if they worked.

Now, with some web marketing muscles built, another important realization surfaced. In this crazy paced internet world, we've got an increasing amount of stuff to learn. Of course, this may only grow bigger. And faster.

We need simplicity and we need it bad. We need to find tools with the shortest possible learning curve. 

This is exactly where GetResponse shines!

Despite its advanced features at your disposal, it really is easiest e-mail marketing service! 

And you can check it all for free!  
In GetResponse, their free month account has the same features as the paid one and nobody is asking your credit card! That's how much they believe in their product - they have good reasons to.

Web Form Creator - One of GetResponse Stars!
Let me reveal a few facts about web forms at GetResponse. First, you've got more than 160 of these. Second, you can edit each one with a click, drag and drop.   
If you try several e-mail marketing services, you'll find nothing as easy and accessible. 

MailChimp - you'll have a hard time finding your own web-form code on their fancy pages! 

GetResponse - all you have to do is look at the top dashboard bar:
create web forms
Not to mention that many free accounts won't let you design your form properly – it will give you fields and that's all. 

That's why I had to find a way in my site builder to throw some design around it. My options were limited -  like I said, I'm not much of a tech geek. I'm even less of a designer. 

Get Response solved my problem in no time.
create web forms
The only issue you might have with GetResponse's web-form: it's too much fun! You may find yourself spending hours with it, just trying out the options.  


Whatever you do, you are just a few clicks away from re-editing your web-form! And the changes you've made are instantly displayed on your site! No need for more code copy paste work!

Repeat as many times as you want. Test one form and if you're not satisfied with the number of opt-ins, try another one. The options are unlimited!

GetResponse education materials are truly admirable. You can have them in video and pdf files.
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While looking for an e-mail marketing service provider that would have a free survey tool, I stumbled upon GetResponse. 

At that time I was using Constant Contact and paying extra for surveys.  It's also a good service but more suitable for larger companies than small biz. Since I found no survey tool on a-weber, I checked GetResponse and the rest is history.

This page covers only a fraction of the picture. Just a quick glimpse into the whole thing again:

Integrate your GetResponse account with most popular services, content management systems and social networks like
Google Analytics     
and a dozen more...

GetResponse was created with small biz in mind. No features for big companies that we have to pay and not use. Instead, we've got cool little ones like voice thank you page (either pre-recorded or for us to record). 

A net marketing solution for you to
  • Create complete e-mail campaigns 
  • Add and manage video emails 
  • Analyze effects of your campaigns and e-mails
  • Create follow-up mesages

With this software you can also:
  • Split Test your e-mails  
  • Create surveys
  • Create landing pages and host them with GetResponse if you prefer

A Month of FREE use and you'll absolutely fall in love with GetResponse and everything it does for you with its simplicity and unsurpassed intuitivity! 

Try it now for FREE and enjoy the ride!
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